Free market

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This is one of my newest fields of interest, I like the idea of free market: I think this concept comes from some fundamental rules: Rule1: human beings are different. Rule2: every one who is better should gain more money. And money is very important; actually it is the credit of society on you. The more you make value to your outer world the more credit they give u. The free market idea in my opinion is the most likely idea to nature. In nature there is a very fundamental rule for progress. That’s how an atom will result a human being, I believe in evolution,
every thing happens during years and years by evolution. The rule is that there is a continuous war to be better, if u r not better u die, the winner will remain and make new generation, this is just like free market. Every day there is a competition between players, Every day from the result of this war the weak will wipe out and the powerful will remain. That is the reason why historically socialism did not last. They ignored these two fundamental rules. This competition is also good for individuals … Satisfaction does not come from money,love,etc… The most satisfaction happens when we use our talents in our life, when we try hard, when we explore our capabilities and use them, when we experience, when we learn. And all this happens in free market societies.


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Read about Friedman! He was a noble winner in economics and an advocate of free market ...

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