Poop! How east and west deal with it!

 Poop! How east and west deal with it!


Today we want to compare east vs west when it comes to solving an issue called poop!

Poop in nature not only an issue but it is a great food for all the plants, trees, insects, and eventually other animals. 

Poop is a food; a half digested  food that belongs to the earth. It’s enriches the soil.

Eastern people notice that and they put it back to the earth?

The best way is to spread the poop all over the nature so all the insects and other plants can use it . humans tend to live together and don’t want to walk long distances., so we can directly put it into the earth but it’s just kind of scary.

So the Easterns came with the solution slightly offside hole, and it runs directly to the earth.

But let’s see what is the Westerners solution. westerners make a nice white big bowl! fill it up half with water and put all the poop on the show. 

Then  you have to use a flush and consume a lot of water just to get rid of that and a lot of people don’t have time to even push the lever!

And you guessed tge seenery. 

Some people claim that western solution is more hygienic. Guess what; when you seat in squad only the soul of your feet food touches the ground and then you have a shoe or a sandal. 

but on a western solution, you have to sit on a surface that don’t know what happened before. Is there poop or urine on that you don’t know. 

some smart people came with a solution, which is put a paper and guess what! See that thin paper when it comes to some moisture what happens?

In the eastern solution, we use water to wash our butt on the western solution you use a paper to wipe!

Some use wet paper! And it cloggs! Then they come up with flushable wet paper! And it doesn't work! And pipe clogs and flood happens! More money you spend! 

I don’t need to debate which one cleans better.

In order to make paper, you have to cut the trees and make the earth into a desert. 

And all you get is a smelly butt and no jungle! 

In the eastern solution, you have access to the area to wipe it, or better, wash it clean as clean as your face! and guess what? In the western solution you have no access!

which one is the natural position to sit and get rid of all that shit?

Guess what nature has already had dissolution look at our nearest relatives, and there is a muscle that blocks the shit highway when we sit or stand.

This highway opens up when we are in squads. If you use western solution I’m sorry to tell you; you are always full of shit.!

Sorry that’s nature! Nature rules!

Some people come up with expensive solution and contraption and sell it for hundreds of dollars but there is one simple solution 

A hose! and a hole in the ground!

Then you will have a healthy body that can squat!

And we always lie things flush! not coming out (compare with the switches)


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