Living in love! Living in community!

 Living in love! Living in community!

It's been about a week! 

More or less! Time flys here! 

Because we live in love!

Here is a community!

We spread love! To the whole world!

We don't claim our territory!

We don't work for money!

We don't ruin the earth!

We save soil!

We save earth!

We spread love to the whole world!

We are limitless!

We don't limit our responsibility!

This community runs by love!

It doesn't run by greed! It's just love!

We think bigger than ourselves!

We think bigger than our family!

We are as big as the whole world!

Here, there is no hierarchy!

There is no credit system!

Everyone competes to spread more love!

Starting from within!

We make the world; starting from our own!

We all focus inward, generate love and become love!

We make the world, breath by breath!

We make our body!

We make our mind!

Then the world! 

We start from within!

We have no boundary!

We have no limit!

We are yoga!

We are one!

We are love!

We are called iii !


برای تجربه‌ی کل نانوشتنی ها؛ لطفا فهرست موضوعی و زمانی بالای صفحه را ببینید!

صدای سخن عشق

میراثِ من!

خواستن و استغنا

معنیِ زندگی


مهمترین کار ۳

پذیرشِ کامل

چسبیدن به دنیا

مراقبهء نوشتن ۱۶ اردیبهشت

فرمولِ حالِ بد