Different Gods

This is one my newest explorations:
The area on earth that is arid and full of dessert matches the area which Islam spreads. If you look at the map you will see that Islam is popular only in places where there is low precipitation.

The God of Islam is a merciful God which we should ask him to give us,
the arid climates urge people to have such God.

actually every people has his own God,
some people's Gods is a person we can talk to him to feel better
some people's Gods is a person who give them something
some people's Gods is a person who ...

God is a character we make in our mind , a character we need to exist
God is a character we think it should exist

But now I can live without such a character,
I live in nature
I live by my emotions and needs
I now know that I am a chemical complex which starts to work when I was born and ends when I die.
By accepting such a reality you never need any God.


برای تجربه‌ی کل نانوشته ها؛ لطفا فهرست موضوعی و زمانی بالای صفحه را ببینید!

کارما برای خودم و برای تارا!


کونِ کار -۶- آیا معنویت جدی است؟

شُکرگذاری در لحظه!

عدالت - عدالتِ لحظه

چرا می‌نویسم؟ چون هستم؟

مکالمات من و تارا

زندگی در جنگل

توجه به خود، اتصال با خدا

تنهایی و آرامش جاده