زمان خواندن 1 دقیقه ***

I bought the 12-episode “Planet earth” documentary film made by BBC,
These are summary of result of some of my revelations from watching the film
Where there is a match point (this is a concept from match point film and means that 2 forces fight and one will win by random or very delicate untraceable differences)
In nature there is an evolution movement
All nature is in equilibrium but the equilibrium point may move due to evolution
Evolution is driven by genes
Better gene eats the other
Or kills weaker in the same species
Species and environment are parts of each other
Sun or the earth warmth can produce energy for life
Each species eats the other matter to be in lower energy level
Just like chemical reactions
Environment makes the characteristics of habitants, Islamic behaviour in deserts
Get material from environment and produce more of it is the principal goal of any substance
These are principals of the life, other like emotions and human affairs are sub affairs of that
Genes try to mate each other to make a better production and kill themselves to allow new genes to live


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