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I feel in a trip to Syria that music is the common language of all human being no matter what is their language! What music does is that it stops flow of thinking in our brain.

MBTI personality indexing

I am INTJ, it means: Introverted iNtuitive Thinker Judger I passed this test and found it very interesting, and I plan to continue studying about it in future, according to that test that I found it very close to my understanding of myself my personality category is INTJ, and I am good in engineering, research … But I do not care about human emotions very much! I plan to exercise in this aspect. Here are some explanation about characters: Extraverted Characteristics Act first, think/reflect later Feel deprived when cutoff from interaction with the outside world Usually open to and motivated by outside world of people and things Enjoy wide variety and change in people relationships Introverted Characteristics Think/reflect first, then Act Regularly require an amount of "private time" to recharge batteries Motivated internally, mind is sometimes so active it is "closed" to outside world Prefer one-to-one communication and relationships Sensing Characteristics Mental

Philosophy of life

As a child in Iran I was born within the Islamic environment both in my family and in society and school ( specially after revolution) , I lived with my questions about Islam and religion till second year of my first master, But after a very hard and long period of thinking and studying I got to the point that I can learn from nature, I plan to share with you my very controversial ideas here, and in Iran’s Islamic environment 'powered by government and traditional society' it maybe be dangerous for my position, but I will do it gradually …


I thought how current religions (Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism, Jewish…) created: From several thousand years ago When the population of human increased gradually, the resources were limited and on the other hand they were weak enough to need to live together so the need to have a system to manage society was urgent. There are also some harsh and unsolvable problems in human life: dying, diseases, starvation … Religion can answer these big problems, Religion helps intelligent people to govern society and helped weak people to put some cure on their wounds. In my religion the word GOD equals Nature, In any religious sentence I can substitute the word GOD with the word Nature: You should obey GOD/Nature GOD/Nature does not die We are part of GOD/Nature Every where you look there is GOD/Nature GOD/Nature gives and takes lives

Free market

This is one of my newest fields of interest, I like the idea of free market: I think this concept comes from some fundamental rules: Rule1: human beings are different. Rule2: every one who is better should gain more money. And money is very important; actually it is the credit of society on you. The more you make value to your outer world the more credit they give u. The free market idea in my opinion is the most likely idea to nature. In nature there is a very fundamental rule for progress. That’s how an atom will result a human being, I believe in evolution, every thing happens during years and years by evolution. The rule is that there is a continuous war to be better, if u r not better u die, the winner will remain and make new generation, this is just like free market. Every day there is a competition between players, Every day from the result of this war the weak will wipe out and the powerful will remain. That is the reason why historically socialism did not last. They ignore


I had the question of security from the time I decided to upload this website, We use to have different personalities but here I introduce one unique personality to every one: friends, colleagues, family, girls, strangers …whoever reads! That may be dangerous but I am fearless enough! I am going to see what happens.

No judgement please!

First of all I want to say "please do not judge by this site" The ideas were right just at the time of writing. They may change any time, “Only change dose not change” Besides; I am here to explain every thing, so please do not try to guess if there is something unclear for you. This is my interface to outer world, for you this is a window to my inner world , just a window and not all of that!

غیر رسمی و خودمونی

اینجا میخوام خیلی خودمونی مطالبی بذارم. شاید خیلی از جاهاش واسه شما جالب نباشه اما شاید هم بعضی چیزاش براتون جالب بود و تونستیم یه دیالوگی داشته باشیم. شاید دریچه ای شد واسه شناخت بهتر از همدیگه و واسه همکاری های آینده... شما که داری اینو میخونی شاید فقط واسه کنجکاوی یا شاید هم برای شناخت بیشتر واسه همکاری های اقتصادی آینده باشه یا شاید هم یه دوست معمولی یا ... بعضی حرف ها رو فقط میشه فارسی زد بعضی ها رو فقط به انگلیسی ههمینه که میگن هر زبونی یه دنیای متفاوته.

Why I write?

why I write here? Answer: Actually it is a gateway for communication, a way for others to get familiar with me or maybe finding new friends. Very frankly, I want to express myself! like all human beings I want others to know me, know my different personality aspects. I want to change their view on me to be better than before… This information at last results to better understanding and may result in some economical activities…

از نوشته های قبلی

جمعه، 4 دى، 1383 سابقه شروع وبلاگ، اهداف وبلاگ درست همین الان من چیزی در حدود ضخامت 4-5 سانت کاغذ نوشته دارم هر موقع حس خاصی به من دست می داد که دوست داشتم با قلم و کاغذ در میون بذارم شروع می کردم به نوشتن. اسمشم گذاشه بودم دستنوشته های تنهایی. شاید کم کم بعضی هاشو بذارم اینجا. اهداف وبلاگ به نظر من تنها و تنها چیزی که تو زندگی میتونه آدم رو خوشنود کنه یه چیزه: خود شکوفایی. یعنی اینکه آدم احساس کنه که فردیتش به نتیجه رسیده و تونسته علاوه بر یک زندگ لذت بخش برای خودش تغییری مثبت در دنیا داشته باشه. اهداف وبلاگ رو اگه بخوام منظم بگم اینا میشه، گامی در جهت خود شکوفایی ارایه و به اشتراک گذاشتن ایده ها و افکار شخصی با دیگران و کلا ارتباط با دنیای بیرون از خودم. اما نمی دونم مخاطبها چرا وبلاگ می خونند. دلایلش میتونه اینها باشه: کسب اطلاعات سرگرمی ...