I thought how current religions (Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism, Jewish…) created:

From several thousand years ago When the population of human increased gradually, the resources were limited and on the other hand they were weak enough to need to live together so the need to have a system to manage society was urgent.
There are also some harsh and unsolvable problems in human life: dying, diseases, starvation …
Religion can answer these big problems,

Religion helps intelligent people to govern society and helped weak people to put some cure on their wounds.

In my religion the word GOD equals Nature,
In any religious sentence I can substitute the word GOD with the word Nature:
You should obey GOD/Nature
GOD/Nature does not die
We are part of GOD/Nature
Every where you look there is GOD/Nature
GOD/Nature gives and takes lives


Unknown گفت…
Interesting!! Although I can't agree with you. When and how the nature came to existence?! How is it so delicately governed? and many other questions...

To me, God is not nature; although nature is the best sign to God.
Because u r some part of nature u can not look at it from outside! so the questions how and when can not be understood by a part of a whole thing!
And also Nature is governed by some basic rules some are:
evolution, and some physical laws etc...
please do not try to find some GOD compared to human!
This god is created by your mind.

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