Philosophy of life

As a child in Iran I was born within the Islamic environment both in my family and in society and school (specially after revolution) , I lived with my questions about Islam and religion till second year of my first master,

But after a very hard and long period of thinking and studying I got to the point that I can learn from nature,
I plan to share with you my very controversial ideas here, and in Iran’s Islamic environment 'powered by government and traditional society' it maybe be dangerous for my position, but I will do it gradually …


Unknown گفت…
position?!?! what position!!! don't even think about it. But you should consider that conclusions of this nature are very personal. it's good to share yours with others but never be judgemental of others :)

برای تجربه‌ی کل نانوشته ها؛ لطفا فهرست موضوعی و زمانی بالای صفحه را ببینید!

کارما برای خودم و برای تارا!


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شُکرگذاری در لحظه!

عدالت - عدالتِ لحظه

چرا می‌نویسم؟ چون هستم؟

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