Why I write?

why I write here? Answer: Actually it is a gateway for communication, a way for others to get familiar with me or maybe finding new friends. Very frankly, I want to express myself! like all human beings I want others to know me, know my different personality aspects. I want to change their view on me to be better than before… This information at last results to better understanding and may result in some economical activities…


برای تجربه‌ی کل نانوشته ها؛ لطفا فهرست موضوعی و زمانی بالای صفحه را ببینید!

کارما برای خودم و برای تارا!


کونِ کار -۶- آیا معنویت جدی است؟

شُکرگذاری در لحظه!

عدالت - عدالتِ لحظه

چرا می‌نویسم؟ چون هستم؟

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