nature lessons

By watching nature I understood that the two main activities of any live part in nature is looking for food and xes (I write it in reverse in order to not to trap in filters)
First is all our activity in gaining money and second is our desire for having relation with opposite xes.
in all humans including human having xes is in line with a lot of problems ; in animals war between males and in human you see all problems such as strict laws and all problems like jalousies, women right violence etc…

I will write more about this subject in future but now I want to suggest BBC link for all young Iranians


Unknown گفت…
Hi, It'S a nice idea that you've begune to write.
Unknown گفت…
By the way begun hat no 'e' at the end of it! You may also read what I sometimes write, ,aybe you know it already, under this adress:

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