Persian or Farsi (Dari, Tajiki)

 Persian or Farsi (Dari, Tajiki)

To my English Speaking friends,

These four names refer to one language spoken by more than 100 milion people in more than 3 countries and all over the world. This language has a rich cultural and literature background like Rumi, Hafiz, Khayyam, Sadi  and hundreds of other books which is still readable and amazing.

Unfortunately because of political or some other mistakes People call Persian language different names like Farsi, Dari or Tajiki. 

Calling Persian, Farsi is like to call French language "Fransais" when you speak in English. We all know that when people speak in French they call their language Fransias but when you speak English you call it French, just like this example when we speak In Persian we call our language "Farsi" and it doesn't mean when you speak in English you call it Farsi!

This is a common mistake which I hope people understand and call this beautiful and rich language one word and it's PERSIAN and not FARSI or DARI or TAJIKI.

Please join my campaign by sharing this to your Persian or English speaking friends. 


برای تجربه‌ی کل نانوشتنی ها؛ لطفا فهرست موضوعی و زمانی بالای صفحه را ببینید!

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